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L2 Active Aide® Zip-Up Top - Blue

Stealthwear™ Protective Clothing

L2 Active Aide® Zip-Up Top - Blue


We are proud to introduce a light blue version of our L2 Active Aide® zip-up tops. Light blue is known as the most calming colour within the Autism community. This offers an additional tool to help reduce anxiety with the person in your care, and increase your own personal comfort.

Other enefits include:

  • Sewn-in protection for the most commonly affected upper arm and chest areas. Our L2 zip-up top is designed to be worn in conjunction with our Active Aide® forearm protectors
  • High impact foam and plastic formulation provides excellent resistance to pinches, bites, scratches and hits
  • Athletic apparel appearance
  • Abrasion resistant outer layer, with full mesh liner for excellent balance between protection and comfort
  • Inner pocket system in abdomen, back, and underarms, where optional inserts can be added, if necessary (inserts sold separately).
  • Moisture-wicking, anti-microbial, and latex-free
  • Easy to launder. Cold water wash, tumble dry low. For heavy soiling or for Medical settings, use hot water wash (bleach for colours can be used). Tumble dry on high heat (57C) for 50-60 minutes
  • Full size range (based on chest measurement)
  • Universal fit accommodates virtually any body type
  • Free shipping/handling within Provincial Canada

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