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Active Aide® products have proven to help reduce injuries for Special Educators and Healthcare Professionals. However, due to their intended use, we cannot offer any guarantee that our products will eliminate injuries altogether. Here's what you can expect:

Active Aide® will:

  • Reduce the overall frequency and/or severity of injuries from pinches, bites, scratches, and hits
  • Allow you to integrate into your Professional setting, while minimizing any undue attention to you or your student, patient or client
  • Be an effective tool, in conjunction with de-escalation techniques and strategies, in providing a safe environment for you and the person in your care

Active Aide® will not:

  • Completely eliminate injuries
  • Give an individual cause or reason not to place priority on using de-escalation techniques and strategies to help calm the person in your care


Active Aide® is not a cure-all. The goal of Active Aide®, beyond protection, is to help provide a bridge to better communication and understanding of your student, patient, or client. We achieve this by providing products that help Special Educators and Healthcare workers remain engaged with the person in their care.